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We have been so fortunate to have John Alexander work with our local Affiliate on two recent projects: The 2014 Komen BigWig Campaign and the 2015 Savannah Race for the Cure. For both, he took our seed of a concept and turned it into an engaging and electric marketing campaign. He has a particular talent for expressing a thousand words with one photo. In our BigWig campaign, he was able to capture the playfulness of ten local business leaders who were each on a mission to raise money, all while wearing pink wigs. For our Race for the Cure Campaign, he captured the inner fight in each of ten local race participants who were anxious to encourage others to join the fight. And his talents do not stop with his photography. He then took these photos and turned them into powerful and bold poster and billboard designs. He does all this while laughing and putting everyone at ease. It is clear that he not only cares about his work, but he cares for those that he is photographing. His work on both of these campaigns was instrumental in their overwhelming successes. Thank you, John!

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